Hoosier Daddy Beard Co.


A Beard is Grown..A Product is made

A long time ago in a beard far far away, Hoosier Daddy Beard Co. was born in 2016 out of Terre Haute, IN. They say a man is only as good as his beard, so six months after growing our own face manes we decided to start designing our own beard care products. At Hoosier Daddy Beard Co. every product we make we actually use ourselves, so making sure the quality is right before every purchase is very important to us. Before you complete your order you will always know exactly what's inside your product as all the ingredients are listed.

Project: Beards For Babies

Here at Hoosier Daddy Beard Co. we're very passionate about saving unborn children's lives by helping mothers find new options for their unborn child aside from abortion. That is why at Hoosier Daddy Beard Co. we have started the project: Beards For Babies. With every purchase you make, a percentage of the sales will go to the helping hands at the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Terre Haute, IN. We want to save as many unborn babies as we can by helping the mothers who are carrying them, and Beards For Babies is our way of accomplishing that.

If you'd like to learn more about the Crisis Pregnancy Center hit the link for more info.